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The Captain's Quarters, Woolsery 

We have our very own sea Captain here at The Captain's Quarters, hence the name!


Tim is a Captain in the Merchant Navy, currently serving on commercial 200 metre RoRo vessels - you may meet him during your stay in North Devon, or he may be away on the high seas.

Tim Page Captain - captainsquarterswools

The ship pictured, the RRS James Clark Ross (or JCR) of the British Antarctic Survey has now been retired from service and replaced with the RRS Sir David Attenborough.  


With Tim as it's Captain from 2016 to 2021, the JCR engaged in Marine Polar Science and Logistics, supporting the BAS research stations in both Antarctica and the Artic.

Tim has spent more than 45 years at sea, on a variety of ships and with various companies and a full history of his time at sea can be supplied on request.  If he is around at the time of your stay, he's happy to chat about it all too.

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